Are you tired of searching for houseplant care advice only to find the same, out-dated instructions from decades past? After answering thousands of houseplant questions, I've seen a clear disconnect between what people are reading and what people expect of their plants - both sides could use a little improvement!

If you follow traditional houseplant advice, you'll be left with disappointment because your plant is no longer "perfect". My approach breaks down the barriers to true, long-lasting enjoyment of houseplants - when you understand how plants work, you can gain a deeper appreciation for their character and have realistic expectations of how they'll grow.

"Happy plant owners appreciate the balance of Environment, Effort, and Expectations."

By contrast, disappointment awaits those who believe "proper care" guarantees perfect plants forever.

Does the sight of these yellowed leaves make you wonder what you're doing wrong? Is it overwatering? Under-watering?

What if this is just how the plant is supposed to grow? Newer leaves growing at the top as older leaves fall off.

If leaves don't last forever, how will you be able to tell the difference between natural leaf turnover vs. something wrong that needs to be corrected?

You can confidently accept some leaf loss when you have a strong understanding of the principles of how plants work and keep your expectations in line with how Nature works.

Hi, I'm Darryl.

Creator of House Plant Journal and author of 'The New Plant Parent'

I started House Plant Journal as a way to document the life of my houseplants and make detailed observations on their growth, changes, decline, and in some cases, death. The more I searched for houseplant care advice, I kept finding the same kind of philosophy: here's a piece of decor, and here's how you maintain its perfection.

I've spent a few years putting little insights into Instagram captions and blog posts but, with this course 'The Essentials of Houseplant Enjoyment', I've organized them into a complete course.

I'm excited to guide you on your plant journey!