Looking up houseplant care can be CONFUSING!

Endless do's and don'ts.
Fragmented tips and tricks.

What's actually important? What actually matters?

What do I need to know for an
ENJOYABLE and REWARDING houseplant experience?

You need the ESSENTIALS:

Houseplant care is confusing because of the outdated, one-size-fits-all advice you’re reading.

• Careful not to overwater, but water thoroughly.
• Needs bright indirect light but avoid direct sun.
• This plant thrives in low light.
• If leaves turn yellow, you're overwatering.

Not only is this advice VAGUE, it makes you WORRY about every little thing.

Let's work SMARTER (not harder) with plant care:

I can teach you the PRINCIPLES behind houseplant care so you won't feel like you're just blindly following instructions.

Understanding the PRINCIPLES will empower you for LONG-TERM enjoyment of houseplants.
Day 1

Some plants are becoming more expensive. Getting a small one like this might be a cheaper option but you need to know how to give it the best possible chance of growing for you!

8 Months Later

By following the PRINCIPLES in this course, you'll enjoy the process AND get the results!

2 Years Later

Traditional plant tips and tricks never really address the LONG-TERM relationship you can have with a plant. My course will give you the right mindset and tactics for a long-lasting, rewarding hobby.

This isn't the same old, outdated houseplant care tips and tricks - the "how not to kill your houseplants" approach. Those were written when houseplants were just sold as decor.

This is a new, holistic approach to houseplant care, based on real observations and scientific reasoning.

It’s an updated, SENSIBLE look at how to cultivate a rewarding hobby with houseplants.

Hi, I'm Darryl.

Creator of House Plant Journal and author of 'The New Plant Parent'

I started House Plant Journal as a way to document the life of my houseplants and make detailed observations on their growth, changes, decline, and in some cases, death.

The more I searched for houseplant care advice, I kept finding the same BORING philosophy: here's a piece of decor, and here's how you maintain it.

Houseplants can be so much more!

I've answered THOUSANDS of houseplant questions.

When I saw the same kinds of questions over and over, I decided to develop a new approach to houseplant care - one that brings true enjoyment but keeps expectations in line with how Nature works.

This course will transform your houseplant experience!

Who is this course for?

For Beginners:
  • If you're tired of asking yourself WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?
  • When you want CLARITY from the typical do's and don'ts of houseplant care.
  • If you don't feel confident with blindly following vague instructions.
  • When you want GUIDANCE on how to make houseplants a rewarding and lifelong hobby.

For the Experienced:
  • If you're curious about the WHY of different plant care instructions
  • When you want to understand the PRINCIPLES behind plant care - not just random tips and tricks!
  • If you're looking for better ways to EXPLAIN and TEACH houseplant care.

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Course Preview

Course Content

  • The APPROACH to houseplant care that gives you a deeper appreciation of houseplants, their resilience, and how to cultivate a long-lasting hobby.
  • Learn to understand and analyze LIGHT - the most critical but most poorly explained factor in houseplant care.
  • A strategic approach to WATERING - the secret to how experienced plant owners "just know" when to water.
  • Principles of SOIL - learn the components of good soil so you can confidently make your own mixes.
  • FERTILIZER - some treat it as optional, others say it's a growth potion - I say it's time to get clarity!
  • Fundamentals of PROPAGATION and techniques to ensure strong plant babies.
  • DIAGNOSING LEAF PROBLEMS while remaining calm and having realistic expectations.
  • Best practices for REPOTTING.
  • Dealing with PESTS with effective treatments and early identification.

BONUS: Live Q&A Sessions

  • Get CLARITY on any houseplant care topic.
  • SHOW ME your plants!
  • View all previously recorded sessions so you won't miss any of the discussion.

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